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Granite is a hard stone, the more difficult process. Over the past 10 years to come as a result of man-made diamond tool of universal application, the granite industry was booming, formed a special technical equipment.

(A) processing methods and equipment used

Granite processing of the basic ways: Juge processing, abrasive polishing, cutting processing, plus cutting workers, singeing processing, processing aids and patch test.

1) Juge processing machine is used to cut granite stone Huangliaojuge hair into a plate (for the general thickness of 20mm or 10mm), or strip, such as the massive shape of semi-finished products. The process is a rough machining process, the process of the Huangliao sheet, plate quality, the economic efficiency of enterprises have a major impact. Juge processing equipment commonly used in the framework of special granite-automatic large-scale sand saw sand; two-way multi-blade cutting machine; computer-controlled multi-blade cutting granite and granite stone disc saw and so on.

2) The purpose of abrasive polishing is a good hair cut further processing board to the thickness, smoothness, gloss meets the required standard. The process requires several steps, first of all school-coarse grinding, and then step by step and a half after a fine grinding, fine grinding, fine grinding and polishing, so that the granite of the original color, luster and patterns shows, the best decoration Effect. Common equipment: automatic grinding machine for long, diamond-school machines, grinder bridge, the disk mill, a reversal of rough-mill, mill hand.

3) cut off the processing machine is used to cut hair or polishing plate by plate size specifications required for setting off for processing. Processing equipment used to cut off the vertical multi-blade cutting machine, horizontal cut, cut bridge, cantilevered cutting machine, hand-cut and so on.

4) plus cutting workers is the traditional method of processing by-wedge, the hammer hits, chop chop, renovation, such as grinding approach will be rough processed into products they need, the surface can be a rock face, reticulate surface, or face hammer Smooth. Processing used hand tools such as hammers, cut ax, chisel, chisel. Some processes can be split stone, stone plane, hammer automatic cutting machine, automatic machine, such as sand blasting.

5) processing, also known as singeing fire spray processing, the use of granite composition of the mineral particles of different coefficient of thermal expansion differences with jet flame burning on the surface so that part of the thermal expansion loose particles off, forming an orderly undulating rough decorative pattern . This rough granite plates apply to non-slip surface and outside wall decoration. There are granite automatic equipment used singeing machine.

6) Auxiliary processing, is to have been cut Qi, the polished stone milling on a need basis, chamfer, the holes drilled eyes, groove milling, milling, and so on edge. Equipment used automatic chamfer milling machines, copying milling machine, drilling machine thin-walled, hand-held diamond saw, polished hand-held polishing machine, and so on.

7) patch test, there are bound to fractures of natural granite, perforation, the process may also have a small defect through the dry cleaning inspection, warehousing genuine, serious defects can not bond, repair to reduce the rate of waste products. This process is usually manual, in-the-art processing line for automatic use of blowing air-dry washing machine repair.

       (B) processing technology

There are four types of granite processing line: the standard plate production line, thin line, rough decorative plate production line, special-shaped plate production line.
1. Granite processing standards board process

Huangliao will use a crane mounted on the car Huangliao by car ferry to the framework of the sand-cut hair into a work of the Juge location of the plate, and then sent to the grinding, polishing, cutting processes, such as processed into light board, as the final test into the package. Specific processes are as follows:

       Juge hoisting Huangliao → → washing test → → coarse grinding fine grinding fine grinding → → → polishing off patch test → packaging

2. Granite processing flow sheet

Granite is the automatic processing of sheet processing line, the process between the raceway, discharge machines, turning machines connected. The process is as follows:
Juge → Huangliao hoisting into the first cut-sheet → → abrasive polishing off → → milling, chamfer, groove milling repair, cleaning, drying → test packaging

3. Rough granite decorative plate processing process

Mao will be semi-finished granite panels through the raceway to send automatic machine cutting of hair (at the required thickness pattern selected Segment), according to the Blade is scheduled to track carved by a variety of decorative patterns crude needs. For plates Singeing, the board will be sent automatically hair singeing machine. Process are as follows:
→ semi-finished plate cutting hair or hair singeing → → cut off the test package

4. Alien board processing process

Users by the shape of granite plates, the special requirements of the specification, design a template system, such as round, oval-shaped desktop and plate oval hole toilet Taiwan, such as spent nuclear window, and then profiling and milling machine according to the shape of the template (or PC Pre-process) in the Plate semi-finished processing the required shape. Process are as follows:

Plate semi-finished products → → edge shaped milling drilling → → → Chamfer milling test packaging

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