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Artificial Stone: Artificial Stone is made from a mixture of non-natural, such as resin, cement stone plus adhesive.
Artificial marble and granite is the general term for Artificial agate. Use unsaturated polyester resins and fillers, pigments mixed by adding a small amount of initiator, some made from processing.During the manufacturing process with different pigment can be made with colorful, glossy jade products like natural marble.
Artificial stone products simple, short production cycle, low-cost, widely used in a variety of indoor and outdoor architectural decoration. Artificial stone 30 years ago came out in the United States, China's first Artificial Stone products as the application of decorative materials are some of the mid-90's developed coastal cities, a few years after the widely popular. Now this wave from the mainland authorities the spread of small and medium-sized cities.
The product has the following characteristics:
1. Appearance - and smooth surface with no porosity, Ma, and other surface defects, beautiful colors, the matrix of suspended particles on the surface to have a sense of a certain degree of transparency.
2. Physical and chemical properties - have sufficient strength, stiffness, hardness, in particular, impact resistance, anti-scratch and better.
3. Durability - with an aging weather-resistant, dimensionally stable, anti-deformation resistance at first, as well as sudden cold and heat.
Artificial and natural marble stone where the main difference?
Artificial Stone with non-toxic, non-penetration, cutting processing, color can be any deployment of any shape casting, can splice a variety of shapes and patterns, with water pouring Siamese, stitching without leaving any traces, etc.; and natural marble in addition to high hardness In Artificial Stone, the other can not be compared with Artificial Stone, marble also has some natural radioactive substances, harmful to human beings.
Artificial stone products which use?
In addition to Artificial Stone can do high-end restaurant table, bay windows, bath, basin, building column, senior leisure table, but also can be cast into a variety of ornamental sculpture, I believe in the future more uses will be found there.
Why burn a good cast of Artificial stone products a few months there will be warping, cracking phenomenon?
Poly-resin is wasted with filler, paint, and the stirring of uneven promoter, initiator and not caused by the proportion of resin. Artificial body in the Matrix, which has been in support of Banhao resins, fillers, such as a mixture of paint, resin filling can be maintained even in a state of suspended until the resin gel. If you fill in the Matrix Artificial body suspended in poor deposition to the body at the bottom of the casting, casting can cause the body, filling the lower part of the distribution of the differences. As the upper resin, heat-curing contraction, large contraction; little lower resin, heat-curing at a small, small contraction, resulting in products of cracking or warping.
Artificial Stone surface of the bubble, Ma faced by the factors which caused? How?
There are three main reasons:
1. Packing exceeded the normal water content indicators. When the filler particles of high moisture content, will be around a tiny blisters, as the resin is a heat-curing process, the release of heat damage to the particles out of balance blisters, blisters so that the body be left on the Artificial Matrix, curing After the bubble will appear on the surface, the surface Ma.
2. Mixing into the air during a Artificial body Matrix.
3. Resin and curing agent, initiator ratio of the three improper left in the matrix of bubbles can not be discharged in a timely manner.
There are three methods generally exclude:
1. In addition to the vibration of the bubble law. This method is the use of the platform should be noted that the amplitude, frequency and vibration, so that the amplitude of the General Assembly have been deposited to fill the template on the surface, resulting in a poor resin, curing slow contraction of small, low-temperature heat; and the other side of the rich as a result of resin, curing Block, slow contraction, high-temperature heat, is prone to warping.
2. Defoaming chemical method. The use of cross-linked curing resin block with the role of the inhibitor (known as defoamer) in a certain period of time can prevent the polymer resin, for a period of time, the resin can be the normal speed of polymerization, for the effective discharge of the bubble to win time. This method is the use of resin caused by the heat-curing effect. If you reduce the initiator and promoter of the amount, although the delay of polymer resin, but resin as a result of heat deformation curve, the impact on the quality of Artificial Stone.
3. Vacuum mixing method. Stir to make use of negative pressure to maintain the basic Artificial Stone boiling, in favor of a chemical reaction process, as well as mixing easily rule out the possibility of bubbles.
The above three methods, especially in the first and third alternative is a combination of relatively practical, reliable, with an investment in long-term use. The second method, although simple, but large-scale production costs too much.
Artificial Stone used in the resin What are the requirements?
Resin should be considered in the selection of the chemical structure of resin and curing properties of both.
1. Resin chemical structure of the general use of acid - propylene glycol-based resin. It can meet the CMI (American Association of Artificial marble) 500 heat-shock cycle requirements, with steam boiling distilled water for 48 hours, the basic colors remain the same, anti-white, anti-foaming performance are good, but expensive prices. General resin can not be used to create Artificial Stone.
2. Resin curing properties: the requirements in the resin curing time to have an appropriate degree of low shrinkage and high strength that is pre-cured green strength.
How we can improve the Artificial Stone surface hardness and sheen?
For Artificial Stone products, compared with a perfect appearance is very important to deal with post-curing. The so-called post-curing is to deal with Artificial Stone products at a certain temperature, the heat for several hours. In general, polyester resin curing release only after the intensity of the maximum intensity of 50%, to fully take weeks or even months curing time, and ultimately curing can make Artificial Stone products, water-resistant properties of strength and significant增加. After curing used to deal with deformation can be overcome, such as cracking defects on the surface to improve water resistance, heat shock, and increased intensity of the matrix resin, will help improve the products of the hardness and sheen to extend the service life.
Production of Artificial Stone products require a minimum number of investment?
A high-performance, all-round high-capacity mixers and granulation of the machine is essential, with a number of other vibration platform, hand tools, easy-oriented saws, vacuum pumps, Hong Fang, you can produce colorful Artificial Stone Products. Small and medium-sized production of the equipment needed for the minimum investment at about 35,000 yuan or so. If you require a higher degree of mechanization, large-scale production, the full range of requirements, about 100,000 yuan investment in equipment.
Artificial Stone (also known as the "Artificial marble") is a new type of composite materials, because of its non-toxic, non-radioactive, fire-retardant, non-stick oil, sewage infiltration is not, anti-bacterial mold, wear-resistant, shock-resistant and easy Maintenance, seamless splicing, and so on the merits of any shape, decoration and building materials is gradually becoming the new darling of the market.
Application: ceiling light, light Beijing Qiang, special lighting, lamp post, light post on the ground, light bar, light display works of art and a variety of unique shape of the table, Table Tops and so on.
Features: Light weight (compared with natural stone), high hardness, corrosion-resistant oil Naizang. Sheet metal thickness uniformity, gloss, light effect, no deformation, anti-aging fire, no radiation, anti-infiltration, and so on, based on customer demand bending free, seamless bond, to achieve truly unaware of the natural realm.
I was Artificial marble light-to-date research and development unit of a high-end decorating material, the permeability of crystal products with unique features, with beautiful diversity of color and eye, the plane will Dandiaokuzao cleverly turned into the three-dimensional visual arts , A variety of patterns, such as Hangyunliushui, beautiful and elegant, bright and clean Qingli, the United States Meilen call, long-lasting change, with transparent textures of light. The product is both natural marbling of elegant luxury and style with modern art taste. In the international and domestic construction and decorating industry has been widely used, the wide-format products, the length of a long, high-strength, radiation-free, full of different specifications, the concrete used in building the light of the curtain wall, ceiling light, light furniture, High transmission, such as lighting, installation of natural stone weight is only 1 / 4 or so, can greatly reduce the weight of buildings, the installation of simple construction and clean environment, natural stone more than the advantage of today's construction industry is the most fashionable decorative materials .
Artificial marble transmission performance: high-strength, anti-aging, low water absorption, pollution-free, radiation-free, easy to install easily broken, is a green building materials.
Artificial light marble wide range of applications: apply to a wide range of guest houses, hotels, business buildings; song and dance halls, discotheques, cafes, and other family entertainment and for the production of light walls, ceiling, light furniture, a variety of tops, Light shade, lighting, lamp posts, handicrafts and so on has a unique decorative effect.
Artificial light marble production process: the size of the product specifications, Bo Hou modulation can be arbitrary, cutting, drilling, bonding, produce semi-translucent,all light products.
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